The Planning Game

The one-way flight is booked; Emily and I are officially heading to Thailand to begin our – insert currently unknown time period here – travel bonanza. To say I’m excited would not do my current emotional state justice in the slightest, and I know Emily feels identical.

Our flights are booked for the 29th August and will arrive in Phuket in the very early hours of the morning of the 30th, leaving us with a couple of hours before most places typically allow check-in. If this is the case with the guesthouse I’ve booked – Pensiri House – and of course depending on our state of fatigue, I think a walk to the nearby Nai Yang beach to watch the sunrise may be in order.

Other than booking our initial flights, we’ve applied for our working holiday visas for Australia and bounced ideas about where we want to go and what we want to see off each other. The only ‘negative’ we’ve encountered thus far was realising we’ve booked to go to South East Asia in wet season. As all my friends who I told of my monsoon booking agree, this was just my luck. Genuinely, weird and unfortunate events have formed the backbone of my entire life and will no doubt make up a large chunk of this blog’s posts. A random girl pissed on my bed with me in it in a hostel in Budapest. Enough said.

However, after being told that there are plenty of sunny days and it’s not all cloud and rain by a friend who travelled around South East Asia during the wet season last year, my spirits have been lifted and I’m back to counting down the days until departure.


The current situation.

I’m hoping to devise some kind of rough itinerary in the coming weeks about where we’re planning on going and for how long, which I will post on here as I think it will be interesting to see how much divergence from the plan occurs as time goes on.


89 days to go!



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